What is Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive and How Can I Use It?

MONAT's products are oil based: specifically Rejuveniqe Oil based.

No fillers, additives or binders: just 100% pure natural vegan oils!

If you haven't tried Rejuveniqe Oil, you are in for a treat! This natural, pure, vegan, healing oil is made exclusively of pure plant oils–the best, most nourishing oils for hair and skin on the planet!

Even using it multiple times every day, each bottle lasts most people about a year–it's has over 1200 concentrated drops in it! One drop or less is great for many applications, including eyelashes, lips, etc.

Rejuveniqe Oil is 100% natural vegan oils with no fillers, and is formulated to mimic the skin and scalp's sebum EXACTLY.

What does that mean for you?
It acts just like the skin acts to soothe, restore and promote healthy skin, scalp and hair.

Apply to…
Skin to soothe, moisturize and nourish
Hair to tame flyaways and frizz, or hydrate dry ends
Lips to keep them hydrated and fresh all day long (prevent and restore chapped and cracked lips)
Scalp to balance and regulate natural oils, and dissolve build-up
Nails and Cuticles to smooth and hydrate
Stretch marks and scars to promote fading
Eyelashes and Eyebrows to promote thickness and growth

There are actually more than 101 ways to use Rejuveniqe Oil!

Do you use Rejuveniqe Oil? 
What do you use it for?

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